Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SeCrET YoGa.... Shhhhhhh


Calling out to all our Ninja Yogis


when:This Friday@ 8pm

where: meeting by the big ants across from Ambrosia 

why: to get our yoga on 

who: local yogis and ninjas 

So here is  how its working. The  A2 Free Skool has their Yoga class back.  It's   in a  secret location . This Friday we will meet under the big ants across from Ambrosia coffee  (off Maynard st ) before  8pm . Promptly at 8pm a  Free Skool  organizer will meet you, to guide you to the underground studio .  Be there on time ! There will only be one trip 
(Limited space available )                into the secret area and one trip out.


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