Help Run A2FS

Join the Organism!
...a.k.a. the A2 Free Skool Organizational Committee

We meet when org members can meet, so email us if you are interested!

Do you like having a variety of fun, educational, non-coercive and most importantly FREE classes to take every month? Do you love attending DIY Fests? Did Seize the Week rock your month? We thought so.

Free Skool is a non-hierarchical, decentralized collective...
...meaning it works because we all pitch in

And even if the amount we pitch in is small, it still makes a big difference – many hands make light work! The smallest contributions – from designing the front of an upcoming calendar, to putting up fliers twice a month, to finding new spaces for classes – are vital to the existence of Free Skool! Free Skool runs on a volunteer basis, so you decide what you want to do, when you want to do it.

If you can't make the meeting, but want to help...
...shoot us an e-mail at and tell us what you're interested in taking on.

Currently we could use help with:
  • Public relations (sending info out to local newspapers and radio stations, making facebook events, contacting teachers about their classes)
  • Outreach (making and distributing fliers and calendars, looking for new teachers and class spaces)
  • Administrative work (e-mails, updating the google calendar)
  • Building and maintaining our new website
  • Bottom-lining classes (being the primary contact for individual teachers, helping them confirm a space, adding the event to the calendar).

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