Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Non Pharmaceutical Contraception Series

   Non-Pharmaceutical Contraception: 
A guided discussion over five meetings.
 Christina presents a safe and non-judgemental place and interactive study group for those interested in understanding their own menstrual cycles and how to incorporate natural methods accompanied with herbs to create a comprehensive contracetive plan that works for your lifestyle and personal beliefs                                                                               
 18 & over only please

Feb 11/Feb 25/Mar 11/Mar 25/APR 8
Questions or RSVP:

 Session One: What do you want to get out of this group? and an in-depth look at the menstrual cycle, the pros and con's of having a natural cycle, and the pro's and con's to pharmaceutical birth control.
Session Two: FERTILITY AWARENESS & BEYOND: Creating your own chart. Understanding and recognizing the common signs of fertility and how to begin to understand your own that may be unique to you! 
Session Three: Discussion of a wide variety of  non-pharma options to use along with your fertility awareness methods
Session Four: Review of information and questions. When can I begin to trust myself to know the signs?  Open discussion
Session Five: Where do I go from here? Am I ready to use this as a form of birth control? What are my options if I do become pregnant?  And of course...anything else that comes up.    
OPEN TO ALL. WOMEN AND MEN and everyone in between.  (it may be a little boring or much for folks who don't identify as women) You do not need to be sexually active or you may be perfectly happy with your current form of contraception and have no plans to discontinue itbut want to understand your body on a deeper level.  We accept and welcome all opinions and insight.  

+++++A microscope will be available for your use at each session...and I will show you how to use it if you like!++++ 

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