Monday, October 29, 2012

Read: Book Klub is a GO!

Ann Arbor Free Skool Book Klub has begun!
Our first book is:
"Kafka on the Shore" by Haruki Murakami
Our first book discussion is:
TONIGHT @ 7PM in the basement of Cafe Ambrosia
It's not too late to buy yourself a copy and join up!
Or if you are interested in reading a different book with other friendly folks,
A2FS will help organize a second Book Klub!
Let us know with an email to
or come to the meeting tonight!
Levar Burton not included in Book Klub membership.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fertility Awareness

Basement of Cafe Ambrosia


Join the Free Skool and Christina Guildi in an ongoing discussion regarding women's options for non pharmaceutical contraception.  Gain a deeper understanding of women's cycles and medicinal herbs in learning about several forms of Fertility Awareness Methods.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slackline Skillshare

Come learn how to Slackline!
on the U of M Diag
from 4 - 6pm
this Friday
Everyone is welcome, whether you are brand new or an expert.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keep the Free Skool Alive!

The Fall 2012 DIY Fest was a great success
but potential of Ann Arbor Free Skool does not end there!

A2 Free Skool can be every day.
A2 Free Skool can teach or share anything.
 A2 Free Skool is only here because
                                  people like you lend a hand.

If you have a skill, ability, idea, talent, or knowledge that has benefitted you
...and we know that you do...
why not share it with your community?

Ann Arbor Free Skool is completely run by volunteers to open the doors for positive, mutually beneficial interconnections between our neighbors and friends.

Anyone can help get involved to
keep Free Skool ALIVE!

If you have an hour or a week to spare/share, you could teach a class, lead a workshop, share a skill, spread beneficial knowledge, and/or volunteer with the Ann Arbor Free Skool Organism. 

You can make the world better right here in Ann Arbor!

and if that's not reason enough... check out this study that demonstrates that volunteering gives you an increased time affluence (your sense of the amount of time that you feel like you have).
        "Giving your time can give you time"!  <-------Click here!
Lengthen your days by sharing your skills!

the A2FS Calendar is being filled quickly! 
Contact us @

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey DIY Fest Friends...

Thank you so much
to everyone who made it out to the
A2FreeSkool DoItYourself Fest!
Without your presence, your minds,
your talents, your generousities,
your curiousities, your music, 
your smiles, and your help
great community events like this wouldn't be possible.  
Let's keep learning together!
and please keep in touch with
for upcoming classes,
workshops, skillshares,  
and more fantastic events!

"Thank you" in sign language

P.S. If the A2FS DIY Fest left you feeling altruistic and/or didactic
 we could always use more volunteers and more teachers...
Click here to let us know how you could to help A2FS

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sat, Oct 6
214 Charles st. A2
Music @ 1
Workshops @ 2
Do It Yourself Festival

Match by Match @1
the Illalogical Spoon @2
Sam Singleton-Freeman @3
Joni @4
Krystals @5
Elia Goat @6
Brian Tucker @8
Quicksand Swimclub @9
Watabou @10