Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Also, we've spruced up the website a little, so we hope you like what we've done with the place.

Just wanted to update everyone on what's new with A2 Free Skool.

Firstly, we're almost finished with November calendar, should be out within the week! Look at our Classes-Workshops-Events page to read all our class descriptions for this month.

Secondly, exciting news! We've been accepted to speak at Ann Arbor's Ignite 6 this Sunday, November 6th, 7pm at Blau Auditorium. It's a totally free event with a set of 5 minute talks by lots of cool people around town, about lot's of interesting things. And we're on the program! How about that? If you're interested in seeing our presentation, register soon. You can do so, here.We're super nervous about presenting in front of 500 or so people, so we could use your support!

That's about all! Except for inviting you to our organizing meetings every Sunday, 7pm in the basement of Cafe Ambrosia. We could use all the help we can get!

<3 A2 Free Skool <3

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October is here!

We have awesome classes this month!
Click to see the full list of classes and descriptions

Also, we invite you to our organizing meetings every Sunday, 7pm @ Cafe Ambrosia (326 Maynard St)

Want to teach a class? Hit us up!

<3 Ann Arbor Free Skool <3