Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Classes, Events & More

Drum roll please.... dutdutdutdutdudtudtudtudtudtudt!

The November Calendar is ready for your knowledge-hungry pleasure! You can find the flyer above and find the most-up-to-date electronic version here (Click it! It's our google calendar.) Or cut and paste this!

Wondering what the Free Skool experience is like? Check out photos of past classes, events, and DIY Fests at our flickr photo albums. And, Yes! We have video too! You can watch us on YouTube. Just type in "Ann Arbor Free Skool" in the search.

This Halloween Weekend- Look for the Free Skool Monster Bus cruising around town.You can't miss it. Join us for a dance party inside or a trick-or-treat surprise!

Here is a quick peek at this months classes, workshops, and events:

Tai Chi
Every Monday 8:30pm-10pm at the ICC Educational Center (1520 Hill Street behind Luther Co-op)

Jeff Blu teaches fundamentals of tai chi, including stretching, breathing, light calisthenic exercises, moving meditation, and simple self-defense techniques. This is a group for the sharing and exploration of practical skills to reduce stress, enhance health, and to progressively develop ones mental physical capabilities. Beginners welcome.

Heal Your Digestive System, Heal Your Life
Wednesday Nov 17th, 6:30pm- 8:30pm at the Aprill Wellness Center (107 Aprill Drive, Suite 4)
A healthy digestive system is essential to a healthy life. This workshop will explore the basic strategies of healing our digestive and immune systems. Topics of discussion will include the use of digestive enzymes, healthy eating life styles, probiotics, essential fatty acids, vitamin D as well as methods of testing for allergies and gluten intolerance.

Reflexology 1.2
Every Other Thursday (4th and 18th) 7pm- 8:30pm at the ICC Educational Center (1520 Hill Street behind Luther Co-op)
This class will go over the basics of reflexology. This system of massage works on areas of the feet that are correlated with internal and sensory organs other parts of the body. You will learn a basic 15 minute massage routine with some specific points on the feet, such as the heart and shoulder points, brain points and the wondrous insomnia point. Bring a partner or come by yourself and be ready to confront your fear of toes.

Simply Cooking
Every other Sunday 1pm at Luther Cooperative House (1520 Hill)
Simply Cooking is a series of free bi-weekly culinary demonstrations open to all who would like to learn. Local chefs Aren Stobby and Connor Otto will teach the fundamentals of cooking as well as more advanced techniques. They will display various cooking techniques as well as share our knowledge relating to culinary arts, nutrition and sustainable practices. Check out the blog:
November 7th- Sushi November 21st- Thanksgiving Fixings

Documentary & Discussion Series- Garbage Warrior
Wednesday, Nov 10th 8pm at Digital Ops (525 E Liberty)
For 30 years New Mexico-based Michael Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of "Earthship Biotecture" by building self-sufficient off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony.

Kombucha Speakeasy & Potluck
Sunday, November 21st 7pm at the Far House
(2606 Packard)

Come and peacefully subvert authority in our underground Kombucha Brewery. Classy attire and a(easy) password required. Bring a healthy dish if you like to share. Live music, a variety of kombucha and delicious food will set the mood.

Critical Mass
Every last Friday of the month at 5:15pm at N. University & State
Join us as we assert our rights as bicyclists to the roads and create awareness of biking and bike rights! The pace of the group will be set wherever applicable to ensure that everyone can keep up. So come flex those hot bike muscles and take back the streets!

Food Not Bombs

Every Sunday: Preparation- 2:00pm at the Far House (2606 Packard); Serving Dinner-4pm at Liberty Plaza
Food Not Bombs believes that food is a right, not a privilege, and that poverty is a form of violence. We provide free meals as a way to protest poverty, war and violence while advocating for peace, love, and freedom; come lend a hand to prepare and serve these meals.

Woah! Come on out! Spread the word and let's spread the good times.