Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kafka on the Shore in the Basement of Ambrosia

Ann Arbor Free Skool's Book Klub
We are currently reading: Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami
Everyone is enjoying the book and our weekly discussions are going great!
If you would like to join in, it's still not too late (SERIOUSLY!).  
Sara and David just joined up today! and Sara has already read through Chapter 10!

Just grab a copy for yourself and catch up through Chapter 30 by our next meeting, 
Monday, November 26th, at 7PM in the basement of Ambrosia
(don't worry, just do it! that gives you two weeks and it's quite an enjoyable page-turner)

If you want to get in on the Book Klubbing but with a different book...
Let us know with an email to a2freeskool@gmail.com
and we can help you set up and organize a second A2FS Book Klub!

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  1. 30 may sound like a lot, but fear not! The chapters are short. According to the komputer, chapt. 30 is only 59% through the book. 59% of incredible writing - come dish, won't you?