Friday, September 14, 2012

Forest Ecology

Join up for an Ecology walk and talk through the Arb!
 The topic of this class is going to be biodiversity and invasive species. What is biodiversity and how do we measure it? Why do we care about it in the first place? What are invasive species and what effects do they have on biodiversity? 
Let Molly be your personal Bill Nye and walk you through Michigan's natural beauty. We'll be learning to identify some of the invasive species as well as native plants, and running a very basic biodiversity index on some data that we'll collect. Come and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while it lasts, get outside and come play in the woods!

Things you should bring: Notebook & pen, scientific calculator, and if you just happen to have a plant field guide laying around bring that too! . 

Thursday, September 20th
located at Nichols Arboretum
meet at the Peonies Gardens at 5:00PM
(entrance on washington heights)

Get Scienced!


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