Saturday, August 18, 2012

A2FS Button Crafting!

 Lonely lapel? Boring backpack? 

Your problems are solved with an Ann Arbor Free School button.

Every Wednesday after the A2FS Organizational Meeting we have Arts & Crafts.  This week Hanah busted out the ol' button press and supplies.  Arming ourselves with some old picture books, pens, crayons, and markers we buttoned until we couldn't button any more. It's as easy as short treasure hunt through a book for an eye-catching background image and then a bit of your own creativity to top it off, followed by some finesse on the button press (or hot glue) to create the finished products.  We ended up with about 20 brand new, one of a kind buttons each as unique as their creator. Good times!

So, as I previously mentioned, we buttoned until we could button no more, but only because we ran out of supplies. Although, fear not! Button crafting will return at the upcoming A2 Free Skool Kickstarter Event!  As we gear up for the next DIY Fest (October 6th - mark your calendar!) we'd love to have you join us for food, games, music, crafts, and a big bonfire! It's all happening on Friday, August 31st starting 5pm at "The Basin" 124 Felch, Ann Arbor. 
Get more info and RSVP right... HERE.

Cant wait until then? Want to meet cool people and get involved ASAP?! 
 Join us next Wednesday for our Organizational Meeting / Crafting double header, all are welcome! You can find more info in our Calendar. So satisfy that craft fix and come help make some new Ann Arbor Free Skool flyers!

ann arbor free skool buttons love you.

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