Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Upcoming Events: SNEEZE THE BEAK and DIY FEST

Just like Seize the Week this summer, we're helping to throw a weekend full of kickass DIY events and shenanigans called Sneeze the Beak from February 24-26th. Our opening event will be a DIY fest hosted by Ann Arbor Free Skool on Friday.

Below is the schedule of events, but why wait to get involved with the action?  You can join in on the fun now by:

  • Partying with us! Our second fundraiser is THIS FRIDAY (2/3) at Elks Lodge! Come lift yourself out of the winter blues by dancing your booty off: https://www.facebook.com/events/306425599409628/
  • Attending Planning meetings - We still need doers, thinkers, movers & shakers to help us put this all together. Join us Sundays at 5:30pm at Cafe Ambrosia (right befoe the Free Skool meeting!)
  • Liking us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sneezethebeak

What we're planning to do:

Friday, February 24

DIY Fest 2-7pm - Hotel Midwest Hosted by Ann Arbor Free Skool We've got classes ranging from winter survival skills to mental health care to the queer history of Ann Arbor. Full schedule will be out soon!
Woods Bar 8pm - ??? - Woods behind Elks Lodge:  Enjoy live & improvised music, a frozen bar with warm drinks & a rustic barbarian potluck while you keep warm by the fire

Saturday, February 25

Adult Sled: Daytime, Hunt Park:  Sledding, relays, maybe a guerilla ice rink? Come hang out in the snow with us & join our winter olympics
Summer Show Nighttime, Location TBA:  We've got some killer bands. Expect Shenanigans. 

Sunday, February 26

Polar Plunge Daytime, Huron River:  You know what this is, but are you up for it?
(First ever?) Sauncert Daytime, Far House:  Warm up from the plunge with live music in our DIY sauna.
Closing Ceremonies Nighttime, Far House:  Bring a winter offering to the Sneeze the Beak gods to have a great rest of the season. Will there be live music too? Duh.

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